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Your followers want a dialogue, not a monologue

In today’s digital age, social media allows you to reach more people than ever. Yet broadcasting your message on social media doesn’t drive significant engagement. Your followers want a dialogue—but you don’t have the time to interact with each follower individually.

That’s why we created dopple.

Dopple is an app that captures and automates video answers from you, so your followers can Q&A with you 24/7. Your follower asks a question by speaking into their phone, and you instantly answer with a pre-recorded video.

Dopple makes you available anytime to have a personalized dialogue with each follower—increasing engagement and driving value for your brand.

Dopple enables dialogue on demand

First, enter the questions you are asked
most often by your followers.

Record a video answer for each question, and add links to other content that further answers the question (e.g. your website, online store, social media channels, online documents).

Direct your followers to your dopple profile to ask you anything.

When your follower speaks or types a question, they’ll instantly see your video answer.

If you haven’t answered the question yet, you’ll get an alert that a new question is waiting. And when you record an answer, it will be available to anyone else who asks that question.

Your followers can view any URL you have linked to an answer—so your existing content becomes searchable by simply asking a question.


Dialogue that drives value for your brand

Stop answering the same questions over and over

Dopple makes it possible for you to answer a question once, and never again. Your answer is stored and made instantly available to anyone who asks that question. You no longer have to waste valuable time repeating yourself.

Engage with the followers you already reach on social media

Dopple enables a back-and-forth dialogue between you and your follower. They ask a question, and you respond.

Although everyone is accessing the same library of video answers, it puts your follower in control—so it feels like a personal, one-on-one conversation. Your dopple profile works 24/7 to drive deeper engagement with your audience.

Make it easy for your followers to access your content

With your content scattered across various online platforms, it may be difficult and time consuming for your customers or followers to find the exact information they need.

Dopple makes finding information as simple as asking a question, and you instantly answer via video with links to relevant existing content.

Creating a dopple profile is like building your own Siri®—it makes your content searchable through conversation. You are the face and voice that helps your followers find the answers they are looking for.

Dopple will be the first place your followers visit when they are looking for information from you.

    Siri® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
Start answering questions today

Dopple is free for your followers. They can ask questions and view answers from any dopple Creator.

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